Sunday, 13 April 2008

We're home...

We left La Fortuna early Thursday morning in our rental car. Lots of time to get to the airport on time even with stops for lunch and some last minute souvenir shopping.
We gave up our airconditioned car at the airport only to find out that our plane was late. Very, very late. Instead of flying out at 4:45 we wouldn't be taking off till 8pm. There was one tiny little airconditioned room; the restaurant. You were only allowed to sit in if you were eating and/or drinking.
Rick went downstairs to ask if there was a motel with a pool somewhere nearby where we could wait for our flight in comfort. He was trying to mime the swimming and drinking cervaza to a local girl who just wasn't getting it at all. Nearby was another lady watching and giggling. "Do you speak English?" Rick asks. She nods. So Rick starts talking to her, when up walks Lorraine. She is from Vancouver Island and sat with us on the plane down. She'd been visiting her son, who lives only 1/2 hour away right on the beach, near a small town called Guanacaste. The lady Rick is talking to is Lorraine's daughter-in-law, Esperanza. They offered to take us back to the beach for the next 5 hours. Yeah! It was very hot and muggy at the airport.
We were more than ready for another swim and our swimsuits were in our carry on luggage. So we headed back to the beach, swam in the ocean, took a dip in their pool, drank some wine while Esperanza finished up her work day and then went for dinner. David and Esperanza were wonderful company. It was the perfect way to finish our holiday.
Unfortunately I didn't pull out my camera once that afternoon but you can check out the beach where we swam and where Esperanza works, here... Los Almendros de Ocotal
David and Esperanza live in one of the white condos right on the beach so it was a short walk from the surf to their pool. (It was really wonderful meeting you guys!)

We arrived in Vancouver exhausted and sleep deprived just after 4am. Hiked across the airport to the Fairmont Hotel where they felt sorry for us and upgraded us to the Gold Floor. After 4 hours sleep we headed for the Air Canada counter to try and change our tickets home from Saturday to Friday (a little Oops on my part). We changed them no problem and were home in time to surprise the boys coming in from school.

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