Tuesday, 8 April 2008

San Jose yesterday. April 7th

We got up early. Michele and Dave headed for the Canadian Embassy.
After breakfast Rick and I caught a cab to the (nearest?) bank. In Costa Rica taxi´s aren´t regulated so anyone can duct tape a taxi bubble to the top of the vehicle and play cab driver. Our cab driver took us for a drive and we ended up in a small shopping area where our cab driver stopped and asked a pedestrian for directions to the bank. He dropped us off and agreed to return in an hour to pick us up. Visits to the Costa Rican banks often take at least that much time.
The banks are locked. A security man opens the door and requests that you remove sunglasses and hats. This one (maybe because we were so close to the big city?) actually used a wand to check us over and then asked to look through Rick´s pouch. I had a tiny bag just big enough for my passport and credit card so he didn´t check that.

When Dave and Michelle returned from their embassy visit we had another tailgate meeting. Dave´s replacement passport wasn´t going to be ready for a week, so they wanted to head to the Carribean side for new adventures. We only have 4 more days till we fly home so Rick and I rented a car and we headed out of San José to La Fortuna.

It was time for the honeymooners to spend some time on their own, and finally Rick and Heather could get some sleep. No more listening to the giggles and laughter far into the night. (last paragraph by Rick)

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