Saturday, 31 May 2008

The Beach Road ~ Crate Paper's Static Collection ~ a two pager

I picked up some Crate Paper last week at my LSS. The image on the green paper was too perfect. We were driving in a truck with a surfboard on the top just like it. We had to time our drive just right so we drove the beach portion during low tide. There is no way to get around the point during high tide.

Friday, 30 May 2008

A Scrapbooking Contest for you all.

ANNOUNCEMENT: July 2008 Scrapbooker’s Club House Guest Designer Contest
The Admin Team at Scrapbooker’s Club House would like to welcome YOU as the Guest Design team member for July 2008!

“Shades of Tan” is the title of our contest this month.

Here are the rules for the contest (please read carefully):

Create a LAYOUT or CANVAS.

*Your layout or canvas must include at LEAST 4 shades of tan and/or brown

· You can incorporate supplies such as: wood, paint, metal, paper, cardstock, canvas or fabric
· Layout or canvas can be of ANY size or shape
· The theme is very broad: SUMMER. Take this theme anywhere you want to!
· Photo(s) and journaling are required.
· As long as the 4 shades of Tan or Brown are included, other colours may be present too.

Contest closes June 23, 2008 at midnight MST
Remember to upload your project into the July 2008 Guest Designer Folder in the Scrapbooker’s Club House Gallery. Link:
· Please be sure your upload is no larger than 1024 KB.
· You must include your name on your submission!
If you win, you’ll have the privilege and creative joy of being a Guest Design Team Member at Scrapbooker’s Club House for the month of July.
You’ll receive an amazing kit to design with and have fun playing along with our friendly and talented Design Team by issuing a challenge on the forum! So, join in the fun and camaraderie that comes from a shared love of scrapbooking.

Enjoy creating! Can't wait to see your entries!

Thursday, 29 May 2008

My Circle Journal is home.

And I love all the pages everyone has done for my "Christmas Traditions" album. I posted my pages in April 07 just before I mailed it off.
And these are the beautiful pages I've just recieved.

I really like the diecut font Martina used for the title on her layout.

Melissa did a Then & Now page with these great little chipboard scrolls to journal on.

Allyson did her page digitally, then sewed it to a cardstock background. Beautiful!

Doesn't Sherry have the cutest kids? I love all the bits and pieces on this layout.

Christine always mixes her patterned papers so well! Love the design.

I love how Janice dressed up her layout with gold corners on the quote and some glitter added to the patterned paper desingn.

More cute kids. Bobbi Lynn framed her photo with red chipboard.

Deena used the perfect colours for a Christmas layout and added some bling with the glittery brads.

Wow! Carla did an amazing job on this page. I love the design and the pretty papers. Can't go wrong with Pink :)

Teresa has two beautiful girls. She added some pretty bling with red sparkles to the patterned paper and accenting her journaling.

Thanx ladies! I really enjoyed this round. I hope you all enjoy your pages as much as I'm enjoying mine.

Monday, 26 May 2008

More Blog Candy.

It is so much fun to cruise the internet and see what's out there. Here's another fun site to check out... Lil' Deb's Happy Place

Blog Candy

Check out this site for some blog candy. FUN!
Stamps, Paper, Scissors and Donkey Smiles

Sunday, 25 May 2008

My Day...

So I stumbled across Shimelle's blog and she has this class going that looks like fun. Once each month, for a year, spend a day taking photos. On the 25th of each month everyone is supposed to take photos throughout the day of the things they do. Not just the big events, but the everyday stuff too.
So this morning I grabbed my freshly charged camera and started snapping. First off was the self portrait. Hopefully by this time next month I will have a new (shorter) haircut. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The first available appointment is July 3rd, but I've got myself on the emergency cancellation list because I really, really, really need to get my hair cut NOW. It is just a long, shaggy mess at the moment.
I like the blurry photos best. They smooth out all the wrinkles. Ha ha.

Breanna thought she'd help me get a good picture...

... just I was taking a big bite of toast and marmalade. I think I'll go with the blurry photo.

Second photo is a view from one of my windows. This photo is supposed to show the changing of the seasons through the year. I took my 'view' photo through the dining room patio doors. It's spring and it's warm so I can have my coffee right there on my deck.

The carnival was in town this weekend and though I tried to keep that info from my kids they found out anyway. And wanted to go :( Darn!
So I stuffed my wallet full of the green stuff and off we went. We were out of milk this morning which meant I hadn't had my morning coffee yet. So a quick detour through the Tim Hortons drive thru was in order.

Breanna met up with some friends and their Dad.
Daniel was on his own 'cause Duncan wasn't interested in going to the carnival.

I left the kids at the fair with Hans (Breanna's friends Dad) and zipped home to make Lattes for my friends. Mary is up from Calgary for the weekend and we wanted to visit.

That's the last of my Starbucks Gingerbread Syrup from Christmas on the table.
After everyone left I headed back to town to get the kids from the carnival. Duncan was on the quad driving along side me in the ditches when the chain came off. Oh no! Back home to get some tools for him. Rick was just heading out to ferry some biologists up the river so he said he'd help Duncan fix the quad and then Duncan could head home while Rick went on the river.
I picked up the kids, stopped by the library to drop off and pick up some reading material (forgot to take pictures) then came home. No sign of Duncan or the quad in the shed where it lives or anywhere in the yard. I phoned Rick and left a message on his cell asking for a call back. "Did Duncan go on the river with him?" Breanna and I started cleaning off her walls and taking down the shelves. We bought the paint for her room yesterday. She wants purple walls with bubblegum pink polka dots on it, to match the Hannah Montanna bedspread Grandma Hopkins bought for her last month. Here's a before photo...

After 30 minutes there's still no sign of Duncan and I'm getting concerned. Breanna and I jump in the car and drive the gravel roads around our area looking for him. An hour later still no sign of Duncan. We come home, phone Rick again, leave another message (he's out of cell range) call a couple of Duncan's friends (noone's seen him) jump back in the car and visit a couple people who might have seen him. Nope. He's vanished. Now I'm really worried. I'm imagining him lying unconcious on the Beaton hills, bleeding, attracting hungry bears ~ there are lots of them around right now.
We stop by home again. Call Rick again. Still no answer. I phone my friend Melody to ask her if her son has any idea where Duncan might have gone. The two of them were quading and exploring farther afield then Duncan is used to, just a week ago. He makes a couple suggestions. Melody says she's coming to help look. I go off in the car again to search a couple new roads. We meet up on the Beaton Hills where Tikanii and I are hiking the trails, calling Duncan's name and listening for distress calls.

It is now 8pm ~ 4 hours after first starting to search for him. Melody's phone rings. It's Breanna. The quad is in the garage. It's been there all along.

Duncan went on the river with his Dad. I'm relieved. And I've wasted my entire afternoon/evening! Oh well. I got some exercise and Tikanii enjoyed the run. Breanna had Kraft dinner made when I arrived home.

Not even ten minutes after walking in the door Rick phones. His truck died on Bear Flats. He needs me to drive out and give him a jump. So off I go again.

His truck runs for about 10 minutes at a time so he needs 3 jumps to make it home. We are all exhausted by the time we arrive. I need a picture of Duncan to round out my day.

He's not in the mood to pose so I get a lot of arm shots and hat shots, but eventually I manage to get his face in one.

I wonder what the 25th of June will bring.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

One for my sisters album...

This is my nephew, Drew, on his first solo kayak ride this past summer. He was tied to his Daddy's boat as they paddled down the Nicola River. Poor Drew was't that excited about the paddle. As soon as they were in shallow water he jumped out of his kayak and in with his Dad.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

A Costa Rica layout

The left page of this is an Allyson Bright-Meyers sketch from our Celebrity Sketch Challenge at Scrapbookers Clubhouse. My journaling didn't all fit on the page so I made it a double pager.

Vicki Chrisman sketch.

It's been drizzling all day and the high was only about 9*. Brrrr. Tikanii scratched at the door to come in last night because it was blowing in to his bed. What a big baby. I hope my plants don't go into shock after enjoying 25* a couple days over the long weekend. Oh well, miserable weather means I get to stay inside and scrap. I got a page done for my Costa Rica album (still have to scan it) and I finished another sketch challenge. Vicki's sketch was posted on Day 7 of Scrapbookers Clubhouse Celebrity Sketch event.

I've had the papers on my desk and finally got around to finishing it off today.
The photo of Grandma and Grandad Lewall has been sitting on my desk forever in one of those freebie cardboard frames that come with portraits. Now it's all pretty on it's own page. I used more Pink Paislee from Scrapbookers Clubhouse fabulous June kit.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


So I got up this morning and looked at my layout. I always keep my last couple on the coffee table so I can admire them for a few days before hiding them away in an album, or in my ever growing pile of 'need to be put in albums'.
And I decided the pictures just didn't pop enough. The layout needed 'something'. So I ripped off the photos, carefully, and matted them with light pink pp. Then I grabbed my black pen and started outlining. And underlining.
I think I'm done with this one now...

Janelle Richmond created Day 8's sketch.

Here it is...

And here's my take on it using some photos of Easter way back in 2001. I think I thought these photos weren't very good and so I didn't scrap them. I'm so glad I kept them though. Breanna was such a cutie in her pj's and her hairband. Hair unbrushed and messy, of course...

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Me at a year old.

These little snapshots are all different sizes so I fitted them on to one big matte. The papers are from Scrapbookers Clubhouse June kit. It is a beautiful kit. One of my favourite!

I've stuck the photos down with white photo corners so I can lift them and read the notes my Mum made on the back of each picture.

The Rocking Chair Grandma Lewall made.

I've had these old photos on my desk waiting to be scrapped for ages. Today I put this together with some new SEI stuff.

Andrea Weibe's sketch is Day 5

Friday was day five of the Celebrity Sketch Extravaganza at Scrapbookers Clubhouse Andrea Weibe from Westbank, BC was the guest of the day. Here's her sketch and my version of it...

Nic Howard of New Zealand provided our sketch on Thursday. Here's her sketch and my version of it. I made mine into a two pager. The sketch is the left page flipped on it's side...

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Celebrity Sketch Extravaganza...

The first sketch was posted yesterday and it's by Becky Fleck of
It's not the first time I've used one of her sketches. In fact, I did one just last weekend for an NSB challenge.
This is the sketch Becky shared with us at Scrapbookers Clubhouse

And here's my version. I stretched it across two pages and added a few more photos.

Monday, 5 May 2008


So I took Tikanii to the vet for a checkup a while ago. Daniel and I managed to get him on the scale and i was thrilled to see that he weighed just over 90lbs. When he crashed with his Addisons he was down to 65lbs. So I get worried when he doesn't eat and am always happy to see his empty dinner bowl.
The vet saw him and immediately said, "We need to put this dog on a diet!" She gave us all the statistics; Fat labs live 2 years less then lean ones; Fat labs get arthritis 3 years ahead of healthy weight ones... She wants him to lose 10-15lbs.
So Tikanii is on a diet. And he is sure noticing. Breakfast and dinner times were never a big deal before, but now he is just waiting for that bowl to appear. A couple mornings ago, as we all rushed to climb into the car on our way to school and work, Tikanii raced over and wouldn't let Daniel close the back door. (Daniel feeds him in the mornings.) Tikanii was whining and yipping and letting Daniel know that he was going NOwhere till a breakfast bowl was in front of him. Daniel climbed back out of the car, went and mixed up his breakfast and we drove off as Tikanii contentedly chowed down.

Funny story... Tikanii is not the only one noticing his smaller portions. I was having an afternoon cocktail with Shelley next door and she was commenting on how much hungrier her fat, little dog was lately. Guess Tikanii isn't sharing any more. LOL.
Now there's a dog that could stand to loose some weight!

Celebrity Sketch Extravaganza!!!

WOWEEE! Start the fireworks show!! It started out as “Celebrity Sketch Week,” but so many celebrity sketchers are flocking to the Club House for this event that it has become a “Celebrity Sketch Extravaganza!!”

Scrapbooker’s Club House will have celebrities featured for a full TEN DAYS in an extravagant celebration of talent and creativity! You’ll be able to create layouts from sketches designed by some of the biggest names in the industry, chat up a storm, meet new faces and experience the friendliness that the Club House is famous for.

All the creativity, talent and friendliness combined at this extravaganza will blow the ROOF off the Club House!

From May 12- May 21 come on by, check out the “Celebrity Sketch Extravaganza” and join in the fun!! You definitely don’t want to miss a single sketch and we know that you won’t want to leave this “happening,” friendly place!

Join us for the “Celebrity Sketch Extravaganza” at Scrapbooker’s Club House from May 12-21, 2008. It’s going to be AMAZING!

Scrapbookers Clubhouse

Sunday, 4 May 2008

One last one.

A Becky Fleck sketch...

Still working on NSD layouts.

This one was for a distressing challenge. I used my serrated breadknife on the edges of all my cardstock and pp. The pp ripped a bit more then the cs, but that's okay. :)

This layout is from a class by Sonya S. Isn't it beautiful. I just love how it turned out.

A couple more NSD layouts.

I pulled out my old deco scissors for these ones. That is my challenge to everyone at SCBH this weekend.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

it's National Scrapbooking Day... I've been scrapbooking along with all the ladies at