Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Before and After.

Breanna and I went to the beauty salon. Breanna just got a trim as she loves her long hair and has fun doing different things with it.

I got all my hair hacked off. I am so tired of trying to make it do what I want it to do; go the way I want it to go...
Before...Me before I toned down the colour in this photo because my face was really ruddy; especially my cheeks.

And after...
Me after It's so easy to 'do' now. Just scrunch mousse through it and blow dry.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Coffee Time.

Anybody that knows me knows that I love my coffee. Good coffee. Tim Hortons I like and Starbucks too. Here are some more photos from our recent trip to Victoria.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Kaiser jewels

The boys were at a hockey game tonight so I scrapped.
Rick took Duncan and Daniel, along with their friend, Nick, to a local Huskies game. He said the boys were more interested in the snack bar till one of the coaches decided to set a good example for his players by throwing a temper tantrum. Once the equipment and gear started flying on to the ice and the silly man started getting red in the face, the boys became instant hockey fans. They watched the rest of the game with no more trips to the canteen.
Of course, the logoed towels that were handed out to cheer on your team were used not to wave above their heads, but instead, to snap the guy beside you. They came home in high spirits.

Here's a layout I've been working on for a while. I used scraps of SEI and my new snowflake border punch. I held a lace diecut, cut with my Revolution, over my white background and sprayed with red Maya Mist. I accented the sprayed areas with SEI chipboard, blue Kaiser jewels that Teresa sent me last week (Thanx T) and Prima blooms dressed up with Scrapworks circles, snowflake punches and more Kaiser jewels(LOVE them!).

Breanna came home from school last week with some old photos that her teacher found when cleaning up. These two cuties were meeting their kindergarten teacher for the first time when she made a home visit in August 1999. They were 4yrs old and couldn't wait to start school. I didn't notice till I got these photos back last week that, though I had dressed my boys in their cute little 'rough & tough' boy clothes, I had neglected to clean breakfast off their face.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Found another old photo of me at fifteen. I was a Ranger (Girl Guides) for a couple years. I'm thinking I should stick my 'two' badges on here somewhere. This layout was for the 'Kansas' scrapmap challenge at ScrapCentral.ca

In other news, the boys were at the swimming pool from noon to six on Sunday, doing their Bronze Medallion. It's happening for the next three Sundays. Daniel needs to practice a couple times this week as he was a minute slow on the lap swim. I think his arms are just too short to pull him through the water as fast as the bigger kids. Poor guy. He's really hoping he will grow soon. He's sprouted an inch since Christmas, but he needs a couple more inches to loose the 'shortest kid in Grade 9' title.
A new 'Play n Trade' gaming store opened in the mall. The boys (especially Daniel) are so excited. It's a franchise opened by the Mum of a girl they go to school with (since Kindergarten). They get 10% off prices for each 'A' they get on their report card; thus the reason behind Daniel's greater excitement over Duncan.
They also get to trade in old equipment, so they're taking all their old gaming stuff, including an old Xbox, and getting credit towards new stuff. My Daniel's turned into an electronic selling monster. I hope he doesn't trade anything he later regrets.
He's even trying to sell his brothers and sisters stuff. The battles we have had in the last few days. Oi!
First he asked his sister if she ever played her Gameboy and she made the mistake of saying 'not often'
Then he found a Gameboy recharger and put it on the table with all his other sellable stuff. It disappeared and later turned up in Breanna's room. Turned out it wasn't Daniel's recharger; it was Duncan's... another battle, till I stepped in.
Now he's phoning his friends trying to find stuff he thought was junk six months ago and now realizes he could get credit for.
Last Saturday he ended up taking in one Gameboy (his), 4 gameboy games and an Xbox game. And that was $70 credit. That's unbelievable to me. How much can you sell an old Gameboy for? (without the recharger. LOL)

Sunday, 1 March 2009

I've been working on some fun pages. One for ScrapMap over at ScrapCentral.ca
We had to use a 'historical' pic. I'm so old I'm sure my Candy Striper Capping Ceremony counts as 'historical'. My highschool BF talked me in to signing up with her. It was really a great experience. Though it didn't make me want to be a nurse. I wonder if Susan still has her cats eye glasses stashed away somewhere. I loved them. Check out my 'owl eyes'. LOL. Funny how fashions come and go.

On the same page in my old magnetic photo album I found these photos of us building our Panabode home on Paradise Lane, Charlie Lake. It was 1980 and I was 17. We wore tool belts just like real builders wore and spent the summer hammering down those numbered logs; just like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. I'm in the top photo, daringly walking the center beam of our new home before we put the roof on. Kim is walking an even thinner beam of a side wall, while Mum is sitting behind watching her children risk life and limb to put a roof over their heads. (Rick is absolutely appalled that you would allow us up there, Mum; though I suspect it was really Dad who had us scampering along doing death defying feats in order to get a good photo) But all ends well as can be seen in the bottom photo where everyone is beaming happily. Mum, your grin looks almost like hysterical relief. I did this layout for a '5 product/5 scrappers' challenge. The 5 products were 1. Chipboard dragonfly, 2. Fancy Pants transparency, 3. red check ribbon, 4. red foil hearts, and 5. Tim Holtz acrylic tiles.