Thursday, 21 June 2007

Who's a BIG bird now?

Drake has been living outside full time for three days now. We're not sure where he's sleeping nights, but he's keeping warm and dry and he's hungry as can be in the morning. He's very friendly first thing in the morning. Flying right at us, perching on our shoulders and chirping in our ear for his breakfast.

Breanna took these photos of Drake while I fed him. He is eating two dog kibbles soaked in a water at a sitting. And he eats 8 or 10 times a day. I wonder how mama bird manages to feed more than one baby at a time. She must spend all day searching for food for her babies.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Circle Journals

I really enjoy working with these smaller pages. These are pages from the ScrapCentral CJ. This month I've worked on Teresa's Birthday CJ and I just finished my pages for Carla's Home CJ. Both albums are 8x8.

And here's a quick layout I did for a 'speed scrapping' challenge at

Friday, 15 June 2007

Are you my Mummy?

Duncan has called his little bird Drake. Drake has started flying a little. He's not swooping and soaring yet, but he does manage to flap short distances if he has a good take off. We've been taking him outside for short periods, hoping he'll make friends and find an outdoor home where he's not pooping on my carpet. He sits in the tree near our deck and chirps. There are a couple sparrows that immediately fly down and start chirping back at him.

Today he flew off too far for me to reach him. He was outside for a couple hours and only returned to me when he got hungry.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

My ScrapCentral June kit just arrived...

and I spent the evening scrapbooking. Finished my Father's Day cards and a couple of layouts. I really love these Crate Paper designs and the K&Co. glitter was fun to play with, but messy. It's now all over my table, my clothes and my floor.

This first layout is a sketch challenge. It's been a long time since I've cropped my photos into shapes. LOL

This second layout is another challenge. Create a Father's Day layout. This is an old photo that was hanging on my wall for a while and then was sitting in my 'to scrap' pile for an even longer while. These challenges have really been getting me going lately.

Monday, 11 June 2007

My little animal rescue guy...

...has done it again. A couple of Duncan's classmates found a birds nest and tossed all the babies out. Duncan saw that one of the baby birds was still alive and he popped it in his pocket. When he got home from school he set up an old hamster cage with lots of tissues to make a nest and his reading lamp to keep the poor little thing warm. The baby bird was featherless and didn't even have it's eyes open yet. I didn't think he'd last more than a couple of days. But he has. He's got all his wing feathers. They come in incredibly fast. Two days ago the wing feathers were little pin feathers like the ones on it's tail. The baby birds head and tummy are fluffy with down feathers and he's bright eyed and noisy. He likes his dinner and squawks when he's ready for more. Daniel has been catching mousquitoes and little flies to feed him, but baby bird is still surviving on mostly dog kibble soaked in water.

Duncan says this little cutie came out of a swallows nest. I guess we'll see what he is when he's all grown up. I wonder how you tell what sex a bird is?

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Just a quick one!

This one was for the fall colours challenge at Scrap Central this weekend.

Saturday, 2 June 2007

June crop at

We're having a lot of fun at ScrapCentral this weekend. Our monthly weekend crop is being sponsored by a wonderful magazine called Scrapbook and Cards. If you can't find the magazine in your LSS you can download it online at

Many of our crop challenges are the latest calls for the magazine and the DT members put together a few challenges too. I've put forward 3 this weekend.
The first was to create a summer themed altered item. I made this colourful vase of flowers using Prima blooms with coordinating chipboard centers.

My second challenge was 'scrap a childhood photo of yourself'. I found some of me at my 3rd birthday party.

My last challenge for the weekend is to scrap a series of photos. Let the pictures tell the story. I had some photos of my nephew from last summer...