Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Santa Teresa. April 4-6

By Rick Hopkins

Dave researched surfing in Santa Teresa and "Boy Oh Boy, that´s where the waves are!" After two days practice on the 3ft curlers in Samara, eating a tonne of sand and several gallons of sea water, we were ready.
The reason there are no pictures of surfing in Santa Teresa is because the waves were so big Dave couldn´t get out far enough to catch one. "I don´t need lessons." Yeah right. He took such a pounding he wouldn´t go out again, though he blamed it on the bug that had him on the toilet all night long. I think it had more to do with the elderly white guy in his mid 50´s on a beach where the average age of a surfer is 20. Gotta start doing those sit-ups and push-ups.

Even if the surfing wasn´t worth hitting Santa Teresa for the place we found to stay at definitely was. We checked out a variety of places from $8 a night to over $250 before we found the perfect place. Very quiet, away from the dusty main street, and run by a family of young Italians. The apartments had the most amazing shower. All hand laid in stone, and the top had a bamboo covering that you could see right through and hear the critters all day and night. After finding a Scorpion in Dave and Michele´s bathroom in Samara we were all checking it out before we went in. The people were great, the food was amazing. Banana crepes with chocolate sauce and ice cream was on the breakfast menu. Had it twice! We had the place to ourselves for 3 days as it is the end of the busy season here. We did some serious relaxing when we weren´t zip lining and snorkelling.

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