Tuesday, 1 April 2008

April Fools

April Fools
Dave’s sister is ‘wicked’. After surfing Rick, Pauline and I arrived back to the villa and realized it was April 1st. Right away Pauline is plotting. And Rick is making suggestions.
The plan: When Dave and Michele get back from the beach tell them Fabiola (the lawyer that officiated at their wedding) dropped by very upset. The wedding was null and void because one of the signers(David) had a problem with his residency and passport… David was on his way to the airport to catch his plane back to Canada so Dave had to contact the airport and find a way to get him to re-sign with a Notary present, before the plane left. Poor Michele and Dave. Phones are hard to come by and finding someone that speaks English even tougher. So phoning the airport in Liberia and trying to explain to a local that he had to find this passenger and get him to re-sign before the plane took off was going to be almost impossible.

So Rick and Pauline took pity on him. “What day is it? Uh? Uh?”

Lots of bad words coming out of Dave’s mouth. And threats! And promises! Payback will be happening!
Pauline took off shopping till things cooled down.

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