Thursday, 20 September 2012

Smash journal pages ~ a couple more

A couple more pages.  Breanna and I spent one morning looking around the shops in Whistler Village buying gifts and a couple items for ourselves.  I bought two new blouses for work which are now my two favourites.  I've worn them lots.  I put a pocket on the page to save receipts...

And now I'm scrapping some pictures of our Nita Lake adventure.  We took lots of photos that day so I will do a couple more pages on this neat spot that Mum and Dad discovered quite by accident.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Whistler SMASH Journal

I have a few pages started in my K&Co 'baby' Smash Journal.  Yes, I bought the baby themed journal and didn't realize it till I got home.  But I'm making it work. 

The first page is pictures of our drive south.  I didn't want to do all the driving so we put the extra insurance on the truck so Duncan could drive with his 'N'.  It was tough getting a turn behind the wheel after that.  Duncan loves to drive and is a very good driver. 

This next page is the journaling for our trip down.  I didn't plan, just wrote. 'Stream of consciousness' journaling.  The page was already decorated with the patterned background and the images of kids playing.  I just added a little tape, and a couple of epoxy stickers.

I like how this page turned out.  When Duncan told me he was taking his bike I had a half dozen excuses why he couldn't/shouldn't.  I'm so glad he insisted.  He got lots of use and had a lot of fun in Whistler on his bike.  There are paths everywhere and he even got to go up the Mt. on two days and bike with my sister and her family.

There are a few more sights in Whistler since the Olympic Games were there.  Like the Olympic rings which we had to pose in/on.

This Smash page was very baby themed.  The left side is a picture of a baby in a crib.  I covered most of it up.  The right side said 'Just Hangin' in my crib'.  I covered the crib part and left the rest for my title.

I have a couple more pages in progress.  Will up load them ASAP.