Saturday, 5 April 2008

Private paparazzi

How do we describe Paul? Rick and Dave had tonnes of comments to make so I picked the most publishable.
Presumably Pauls trip was for humanitarian reasons, including meeting his Nicaraguan foster child through The Plan, formerly The Foster Parents Plan. We found that cruising through Costa Rica on his 125 motorbike with beer and babes was more his forte.
Paul was the 'first responder' to the infamous bandito attack of April 4. He saved us from a second assault. Rick and Dave are now prepared to protect us in Paul's absence.

He was also known as the stand in for the motorcycle 'bad boy'. He's skittish in a leaky boat on stormy seas, but at home in a Tico bar with the Rasta's, listening to The Doors, while watching the bronzed beauties strolling by.
Paul was a long time friend of Michele's, but a new friend to most of us. He fit right in with the rest of the group. He's a great photographer. We were happy to have his talent for the week he was here with us.


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