Monday, 7 April 2008

Our drive from Samara to Santa Teresa on April 4th

byline by Rick...

We had to go back and take a picture of this sign that Dave has driven past 4 times now. Twice with Otto and twice with us. This sign wasn't even on the right road, and he took us on some of the worst back roads we had ever seen.

Heather couldn't wait to see the weird cows she heard about. They are ugly... even the baby calves. Look at that hump!

Several river crossings on our trip from Samara to Santa Teresa. Some of the trees were really awesome. If the tide was low the rivers were low. During the rainy season when the rivers are raging you could not go this way.

"I told you I'd get you here, didn't I! And we gotta go that way." says Dave. This is where the road comes out of the back woods and continues along the beach.

We had to time the tides to get around the cliffs. What an amazing way to travel.

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