Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Wanda and I have been busy making birdhouses.  Lots of fun!

We're building our stock for this weekends Spring Edition market in Fort St John.

This big one has an old cedar shingle for the front and pieces of cedar shingle on the roof.  There's a fungi over the front door ~ like a little porch roof.  A piece of driftwood and a pine cone give the residents somewhere to perch. 


 Love the texture of these old boards.  We made several birdhouses with the few planks we had. The fungi 'porch roof' just adds to the rustic, natural feel of these bird houses.  For the perch we've used either a piece of driftwood or an old, rusty hook.  Cute!


 We also made a couple of birdhouses out of blue pallet wood.  We managed to get our hands on some old licence plates to use for the roofs and we've attached an old door handle as a perch beneath the front door.  Only two of these. Fun!