Friday, 4 April 2008

The Bandito´s didn´t want some of our stuff.

Rick is insulted ´cause Thursday morning when the guys were walking down the road outside the villa searching for clues he found his hockey t-shirt discarded on the side of the road like so much rubbish.
He´s consoling himself with the idea that the bandito´s weren´t as slim and trim as him so the t-shirt wouldn´t fit them.
Michele discovered they also nicked her back of nailpolish. And we think we may have spotted the banditos girlfriend wearing her colour in the bank this morning.

Rick and I drove to Liberia to take Paul to the airport. We got there early enough to hit a couple camera stores. I got a pink, 10 megapixel Kodak camera. Rick bought a Samsung video camera. Not as sleek as his stolen sports cam but it will do the trick. We´ll be uploading more photos soon.
On the way to Liberia we passed a restaurant named ¨Él Rocko¨ (remember the fishing story?). So on the way home that afternoon Rick and I decided to stop and check it out. It was a family restaurant with kids and pets running everywhere, Grandpa reading the paper at a corner table and the teenage daughter waiting on the customers when she wasn´t glued to her Spanish Soap Opera and painting her nails.
We both had fried chicken as Dave had said we must try it at some point in Costa Rica. Yummy!!! And the fries were teh best I have ever eaten.
The view was amazing. The restaurant was built into the side of the hill and it was a straight drop to the forest metres below. We could see for miles up the valley. Their ugly cows (still have to get a picture of them) grazing on the hill sides.
Tonnes of brightly coloured, lime green and blue parakeets flying by. And, of course, the family dog begging at our feet.

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