Saturday, 5 April 2008

Santa Teresa

This must be the dustiest place on the planet. The main road is a few miles long with hotels and hostels and outside restaurants that are all covered in a thick layer of fine, fine dust. Cough cough...
Luckily our place is off the road a little so it's not as dusty. Mary and Melody you should check it out...

Dave's surfing, Michele and I are in Frank's Internet Place keeping in touch with everyone. Rick chatted with Breanna and he's now wandering around outside in the dust sight-seeing.
We're doing the canopy tour this afternoon. Rick had his 'tailgate meeting' over breakfast. That means he's gone over everything that could and might go wrong and scared the crap out of Michele so now she's not sure she'll have the nerve to even get up in the tree let alone zipline from canopy to canopy.

Rick's found a new friend. There is a little striped kitty living at the hotel and it's decided Rick is a cat person. It follows him around, in and out of our room and jumps on his lap when he sits down.

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