Friday, 4 April 2008

We are in Santa Teresa tonight

Dave took us on the same tour as him and Otto went on. (Dave misses Otto because none of us laugh at his "gotta pain" joke anymore) We went down a couple of wrong roads, and took a few wrong turns, but we made it. And saw lots of the country at the same time. Dave was stopping and reading the signs by the end and admitting that Michelle was always right.
The road was pretty rough. We averaged about 20km an hour the entire way on gravel and dirt, through rivers when there were no bridges and along a stretch of beach and around the point. We timed it so we got to the beach at low tide and followed a herd of cows around the point.
We checked out 4 different places to stay before finding the perfect place. I think it is run by hippies. We are not even allowed to flush the toilet paper. The shower is open to the outside with a bamboo screen to keep out the biggest critters, but the vines are growing right through. Very neat! And they have an awesome pool right outside our door.
We just had dinner there and it was so good. Their pets were running around the outdoor restaurant like everywhere in Costa Rica. Daddy had spicey jumbo shrimp and I had a yummy ravioli dish. And desert was indescribably yummy! We will try something different tomorrow. And take pictures too.

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