Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Santa Teresa to San José April 6

By Rick Hopkins
On the drive to San Jose we took a ferry across the Gulf of Nacoya. It was a long hot process waiting in line and then getting everyone loaded. When we got there they were loading already so we ran down to get a ticket, but were told we needed a ticket to get a ticket if that makes any sense. It didn´t to us and we had to wait for the next ferry. The picture is showing us getting off in Punteranus...

Most of the passengers had already deboarded. We were told that if it sank and you couldn´t get one of the few available lfe jackets, because there weren´t enough, you could ride in one of the few life boats. There were 83 child life jackets, but when we looked around there were far more children on board than that.
The cars were packed so close together below deck that when Dave went down to our vehicle he found himself stuck between two cars with some poor fellows side mirror stuck solidly in his crotch. When Dave handed the mirror to the driver of the car and said sorry, the fellow burst with several Spanish phrases Dave wasn´t familiar with. Fortunately the driver couldn´t get out of his car, and Dave made his way back to his car. ¨Nothing I can do it to make it better,¨ he said with a shrug. So there´s one more vehicle in Costa Rica with it´s side mirror held on with duct tape.

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