Friday, 8 August 2008

Mini Transparency Book

This is a quick easy fun little book I made, for my Mum, after our weekend in Vancouver.

• Wallet sized photos
• 12 x 12 transparency
• Photo corners
• Rub-ons
• Stickers(my sheet had hole reinforcers, alphas…)
• Blooms
• Bling
• Ribbon
• Transparent journaling spots

How To:
Cut the 12 x 12 transparency into quarters. You now have four 6”x6” pages.
Stack them and use a hole punch to make 3 holes down the right side. Use hole reinforcers on the outside of the first and last page.

Now design your pages. I used photo corners to adhere my photos. I also made sure to put horizontal photos back to back and vertical photos back to back. Rubons are perfect for transparent pages because they are black on both sides.

If you use transparent journaling spots they can be seen from both sides BUT your writing will be backwards on one side. I got around this by strategically placing my blooms and bling. I would write my journaling on one side at the top of the journaling spot. Put blooms below. Flip the page over and cover the backwards writing with blooms and bling, then write my journaling on the bottom of the journaling spot.

Tie your finished pages together with some pretty ribbon.


Bonnie said...

What a great idea Heather - I bet your mom loved it!

Ana said...

How pretty! I love this book:)