Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Hanging Bridges

We spent the morning relaxing. First a swim, then breakfast at the Verona Café. Some souvenir shopping, a scenic drive, lunch and then our adventure for the day.
We signed up for the Hanging Bridge tour. We had a guide all to ourselves and a very knowledgeable (english speaking) fellow he was.
We wandered for 5 or 10 minutes down the trail without seeing anything and then ran into one of the park workers coming the other way. He spoke briefly with our guide and we were backtracking to see a snake we had walked beneath and not spotted. How exciting! A scary, poisonous snake. It was an "eyelash palm pit viper" and it was the size of an earthworm. The photo is taken through the spotting scope.

Then our guide spotted a "blue jean frog" on a log across the stream about 10 metres from the trail. He heard it´s voice first, but we were still amazed that he spotted the little creature. He zoomed in with the spotting scoop and took some pictures for us, moving along the trail as the frog hopped along the log. So neat!

And we saw a toucan... in the wild... up close...

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