Wednesday, 27 February 2008

'How to' altered paper clips.

Aren't these clips great? I had some loose papers/journaling on a couple layouts and because many of my layouts end up being displayed on the wall at my LSS the papers would be coming loose so I decided rather then just slipping them under a paper band or putting them in a folder, I needed a more secure way to hold them on the layout.

So here's how I made them...

You will need:
-jumbo paper clips (you can find them in loads of fun colours)
-something round for the flower center (like the cute buttons you made with my last tutorial)
-flowers (small & large)
-adhesive (glue dots)

Tie a length of ribbon through the button holes if that's what you're using for your flower center. Glue the button to the center of a small Prima bloom or paper flower.

The trickiest part of these clips (and it's really not that tricky) was making the ribbon petals. Cut 5 or 6 lengths of ribbon about 1" long. Fold them in half with a glue dot on the ends so they stay folded. Use glue dots to attach the ribbon petals to the back of your flower center.

Take your largest flower and if it's one you've cut from pattern paper or a paper diecut flower slide it onto the end of the paper clip. Now glue your flower center to the center of that large flower. When the glue is dry you are ready to use your clip.

For the clip that has a large Prima bloom as the bottom layer I used glue dots to attach it to my paper clip. If that doesn't hold I will slide a small paper circle onto the end of my paper clip and glue the flower to that. You can see this clip on the Hogwarts layout below.


Jen said...

These are super cute Heather. Thanks for sharing!!

Bonnie said...

Those are adorable! You are so talented!!!!