Monday, 25 April 2011

Bathroom renos 2

Dad even had Daniel helping out with the power tools.  Here he is putting down the subfloor prior to the lino going down.

And the vanity is in. Along with the medicine cabinets and my lights.  I wasn't sure if Rick would like them, but he does.  The bell shaped shades are mosaic tile with a row of green jewels around the bottom edge.  I chose the vanity faucets to match the lines of my lights.
We picked a green lino floor to pick up the green in my lights.  Unfortunately the lino doesn't look green on my floor.  I took a scrap piece down to Braun's Flooring to let them know they had given us the wrong lino.  As soon as I walked in to their warehouse where we had seen the lino, the piece in my hand turned green.   They have weird lighting that doesn't give a true reading of their floorings colour.  Grrrr!
We had asked for a sample to take home and view before we bought, but they wouldn't give us one.
Oh well.  It's installed now and while I'm dissapointed it isn't the colour I wanted it looks all right with the walls. 
But we'll be shopping elsewhere when it comes to the kitchen renos.

Check out the wainscotting I wanted.  I think it looks awesome.  And I found a toilet paper holder that matches my bathroom perfectly.  It's chrome with a white ceramic knob at the top and a white ceramic weighted stand (which is shaped like a toilet plunger but it's not. LOL)

Now to get the plumbing for the tub figured out and some finishing work done and my bathroom is complete.

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For the first time in a month I had a chance to scrap some photos. These are from a couple summers ago on a visit to Grandma and Grandad's in Victoria.

We're still renovating. Rick has been so busy he forgot to take down the ladder after filling the birdfeeders. 

Guess who discovered the perfect spot to watch the birds from?

This photo was taken a couple days ago.  All that snow you can see is gone and what is left in piles by the driveway is almost gone too.  I noticed a few green shoots in my front garden yesterday.  Spring is finally on it's way!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Bathroom renos

I haven't been doing a lot of scrapbooking lately because we've been busy redoing our upstairs bathroom.  Right from scratch.  Rick gutted the room including pulling down the ceiling and replacing the 40 year old insulation. I should have taken pictures then, but didn't.
Here it is after the gyprock(sp?) had been put back up, taped and mudded.  Rick has already put a couple of coats of a grey/tan colour on the walls.

Our medicine cabinets are going to be set into the walls so the mirror will lie flat or almost flat with the walls.

Rick put down some of the plywood base floor so we could at least have the second toilet in use.  Five people trying to get ready in the morning with only one bathroom is not fun.

There used to be a 3' x 3' approx. closet in this corner. When we emptied it we filled a couple of garbage bags with junk that had made it's way to the back of the deep shelves and hadn't seen the light of day for years.  Rick tore the closet completely out.  The small jutted in piece left houses the chimney from the furnace, but where he's left the hole was just wasted space.  I want him to build me a narrower shelving unit there for the towels and bath stuff. We're debating on wether or not to make a door for it or leave it open.

The ceiling is 'brocade' with a semigloss white paint.

We installed a ceiling fan and heatlamp while we were at it.  I just hope our wiring can handle the extra load.  Breanna's hairdryer blows our breaker most mornings.

So for now we have a tub in our living room, medicine cabinets in the hallway, and faucets in the bedroom. Hopefully they'll all be in the bathroom where they belong shortly.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Vista Internet Security 2011

Grrr.  One of my boys kindly downloaded a neat little program on to our desktop computer.  It's called Vista Internet Security 2011 and it's a VIRUS!
Don't download it.
It's nasty. 
It stops you from going on the internet so you can't find a fix, it deletes your antivirus program so you have no protection, and it keeps popping up and up and up and up. 
So I went on my laptop and googled for a fix.  None of the first few fixes I found worked but I did get rid of it.  I booted into Safe Mode and ignoring the Vista Internet Security 2011 pop ups I went straight to Run and typed rstrui.exe, and then pressed ENTER. 
rstrui.exe is the System Restore command.  I don't know a lot about how it works or how to set it up.  Luckily there was one restore point that was created before this little program was downloaded.  I clicked on it and now our computer is back to normal and we are all a little smarter about what buttons to push when strange requests appear on our screen. Aren't we, DUNCAN!

I'm going to have to research the System Restore function a little more and make sure there are a few safe points to restore to for the next time. 
If there is one. 
Cross my fingers there's not.