Sunday, 11 February 2007

So Duncan's science fair project is coming along.
He's being weighing his mice every couple of days and one of the junk food mice has been gaining steadily. Until last night when she lost it all. Aren't they cute? Well maybe cute's not the word, but Duncan was sure excited.
There's at least 8 of them, possibly more. So we've more than doubled our mice population overnight. Mummy mouse has been doing a great job of cleaning and feeding them. They're snug in their sawdust nest beside the heated rock. I wonder who daddy is. Will they be part black or brown?
And how is Duncan going to work this into his science project? Hopefully they'll make for cuter pics once they have some hair on them.


Charlee said...

Awwwwwwwww! :) I think you're going to fall in love and have mice for a VERY long time! ;)

mama_in_pajamas said...

oh my! You're a grandmother now! *giggle*

Sassette said...

Oh Heather....they are CUTE!!!!
Are you going to keep some of these once the project is over?

Angela said...

AWW! They're so tiny!!