Saturday, 3 February 2007

I've got mice!!!

Eeuw Yuk!

Duncan decided to do his science fair project on diet. So today he bought 6 mice home, with a cage. The cage they sold him is a barred one, rather than glass (we already have an empty glass one for 3 of them). I'm not sure if the bars are close enough together ~ Can't mice squeeze through some pretty small spaces?

They are kinda cute. He got 2 black, 2 brown and 2 white.

So he's going to divide them up and 3 will get an all mouse food diet and the other 3 will get sugary cereals for snacks and we'll see if either group gets fatter. Hopefully they won't escape so we can weigh them at the end!!!

Now we have to find a scale that will work with such light weights.

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