Sunday, 11 February 2007

Another post for today!

I've been working all day on this layout. In between making beds, cooking meals and making sure homework (science projects) are done. I called it 'slice of LIFE 2006'.
I thought about what my kids would like to remember in years to come and picked photos to help jog their memory. Like the Honda 50 motorbike my boys do their paper route on, and the computer games they like to play, {I slid a World of Warcraft game card under the pic of Duncan on the computer} and my new car which doesn't have power anything so my kids had to learn how to 'wind down a window' instead of just pushing a button ~ hehe.
I didn't do much journaling, but I may jot down some little tidbits in the empty spaces as I think of it.

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Sassette said...

Great layout Heather!!! Love the strips of paper you used here!