Tuesday, 20 February 2007

I hope this is a better week than the last one.

Wow. I feel like I've been run over by a truck.

First Tikanii gets sick and spends most of the week at the vets hooked up to an IV and looking just awful. He came home on Friday and spent the weekend lying in the entry way showing absolutely NO interest in the comings and goings of his family. I was really starting to worry as he's on 3 kinds of pills and has no appetite at all. He is finally starting to perk up a little, though no where near the energetic dog he was 2 weeks ago. He will be off 2 of the pills by the end of the week, but his new dosage for the Florinef that he usually takes will be double from now on.

I spent Saturday feeling a lot like Tikanii looked. Flu bug knocked me flat for a couple of days. I'm starting to feel better now so back to work I go...
And now Breanna's sick with fever and cough. I've been up with her two nights in a row. She's been home from school for two days so far. Hopefully she'll be feeling well enough in the morning to catch the bus.

Duncan's science project is... we're not sure what it is anymore.
The 3 mice in the 'healthy diet' cage all died on the weekend. Duncan found them stiff as boards on Sunday when he went to clean their cage. They had lots of water and food so we're not sure why they died. So out came the bleach again!

The Mummy and babies are doing wonderfully. The babies eyes opened last night and they are starting to explore beyond the little nest Mummy hollows out of the sawdust. They have the most adorable little paws. Duncan held them for the first time on Sunday when he cleaned their cage. There are only six of them ~ we thought we counted 8 or 9 in the wiggly little bundle when they were first born. The pink ones are downright creepy looking, but the two that are turning black (wonder if Mr. Escapee is the daddy)are almost cute.

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