Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Time Capsule ornaments

I wish I'd started making these when the kids were babies. What a fun idea. The kids can take these with them when they leave home.

I used glass balls and found the little opening on the top rather small to shove photos and rolled paper into. I had to use a couple of shish kebob sticks to poke things around and unroll the photo so you could see it. I'll have to keep an eye out for plastic ornaments that pop open along a central seam. That way the kids could read the notes without breaking the ornament.
I wrote the notes on the back of 1/2" strips of Christmas patterned paper. Another way to use up the scraps.
The year is rub-ons applied to the outside of the glass ball.

I wrote things like favourite Christmas present of 2009 ~ Turbo the kitten/Renovated home with a new 10' square entry room/November broke foot and had cast on till the week before Christmas...

favourite Xbox game: Call of Duty/July - visited Grandma and Granddad in Victoria. Paintballing. Visited Gabriola and Aunt Daphne. Skimboarding/Snowboarded in Vernon over Spring break. Stayed with Grandma and Papa...

There is a dozen strips of paper in each ornament. I will have to jot possible entries in my date book for next Christmas's ornament so we don't have to think so hard at the end of the year. Any suggestions for time capsule topics?

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