Thursday, 24 December 2009

Can you believe Christmas is tomorrow? It seems only yesterday we were rolling our eyes at how early the stores were getting their Christmas stuff in and complaining about how tired we already were of listening to Christmas music. And the day after tomorrow it will all be over for another year. I'm sad :(

I've been racking my brain trying to come up with a creative idea to spread some Christmas cheer at work. Something that didn't take a lot of time as I'm pretty much out of that particular commodity. I finally decided on these little goodie bags so last night I whipped up another batch of almond roca and made the prototype for my mini card. And at 6AM this morning, after seeing Rick off to work, I started production.

I started off with the mini cards. I was going to do three Ho's stacked on top of each other(Ho Ho Ho), but once I started cutting and glueing I realized how much fiddly work that was going to be and I only had an hour before I had to leave for work. My sons science book was on the table and a light bulb went off.

My husband thinks I'm too clever for my own good and no one will 'get it'. I work with biologists. I think they'll get it.

I wrapped several pieces of my yummy almond roca inside snowflake cellophane and tied it all together with some green ribbon.

I'm sure everyone will 'get it'.


Bonnie said...

I got 'it' right away - thought you were very clever. Loved the roca you sent me, I ate every piece myself, didn't share. LOL

dianneavery said...

Love it! Very cute idea.