Thursday, 17 December 2009

An early Christmas present

Breanna told her Daddy she wanted a kitty for Christmas. That's all she wanted. And she'd clean the litter box and take care of it all by herself.
So yesterday Rick took her down to the SPCA and this is the kitty she picked out.
She named him Turbo because she says he's turbo-charged. I was a little worried about the mayhem I would be coming home to after work last night, but he was fairly mellow by the time I met him. I think the three kids had pretty much tuckered him out by that time.

Tikanni was very interested in Turbo. He sniffed, the kitty glared. They eventually became aquainted with no teeth or claws involved.

The fish kept their distance.

He's two months old so already litter trained!!!
And he didn't keep us up all night which was unexpected. I only got woken once at 2am when he ran across my night table, pillows and my head. Rick needs to build him a ladder now so he can climb into Breanna's loft bed.

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