Sunday, 1 February 2009

The skating rink is open for business.

Breanna has been itching to get out there, but it's just been too cold. It warmed up over the past week, and she's out there every chance she can get. I took some pictures after work, Thursday. It was getting dark so they aren't that great. I think there's some tricks to taking photos with all that snow and ice ~ and I need to learn them.

The ice is pretty bumpy and lumpy, but Breanna still managed to do some 'tricks' without falling too often. She has a wicked bruise on one elbow from falling. That hasn't stopped her wanting to get out there.

One of Breanna's friends brought her skates over, and Tikanii decided he wanted in on the fun too. He had a little trouble keeping all four paws going in the same direction on the ice, but he was so happy to be outside and have someone out there with him he kept trying to keep up.
Tag's always fun! Not sure how Breanna managed to stay on her feet after this one, but she did :)
A spin and a flourish to finish it off.

I also participated in a 5 for 5 challenge at Just like in CK :) Melissa sent 5 of us an envelope with 5 items; acrylic journaling spot, glitter flower, grunge arrow, pink ribbon and a page from a spiral journaling book.

I love butterflys. Just picked up this butterfly punch at Unforgettable Memories and couldn't wait to try it out.

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