Monday, 2 February 2009

Of X-box 360s and cardmaking with the girls

I had a pretty lazy weekend. The kids have been pooling their money and saving for an Xbox 360. They finally got enough to buy one and so we went down on the weekend and got it. Rick said he'd buy the 3rd controller so they could all play together, and he'd buy them one game (the two that came with it were 'baby' games according to my boys). I don't think Rick realized how much it would cost ;) So that kept my boys busy and out of my hair for the rest of the weekend. Daniel spent a long time figuring out how to use our baby laptop to get the Xbox online so they could play with their friends.
Breanna had a sleepover at her friends, next door. They came over to our house just after lunch and skated on the rink for an hour. Then they came in for hot chocolate and saw my scrapping stuff all over the table. Breanna thought it would be fun to join me so the girls all made a couple of Valentines cards each, before heading out to the rink for another hour of skating. Here's our Creative mess.

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