Thursday, 12 February 2009

Of Vacations and scrapbooking.

Victoria was loads of fun. We had dinner with my brother and his wife the first night. We ate gluten-free spaghetti. It is rather 'gluey'. LOL. After dinner we played a version of the Lewall's favourite card game 'Oh Hell'.
My Aunt and Uncle came over the next evening for dinner. It was lovely to see them. I don't think we've seen them since Breanna was a baby.
We took lots of Kona walks along the sea trails and dog parks. Didn't do much shopping, though we stopped at Old Navy on the way to the airport yesterday and grabbed a couple fleece hoodys and t-shirts for the boys. The hoodys were on sale for $6.97 ~ can't beat that. Though Duncan was perturbed to find his hoody didn't have a hood.
Mum showed us a fun little flip book she had made in a class so we dropped by Michaels the first day, to buy the supplies to make our own. Breanna and I both used one for our trip photos. Here's the front of mine.

Here are the inside pages. Lots of handwritten journaling. The photos we got developed at Walmart in a 2" x 3" size. Some we still cropped, but the small size was perfect for our mini albums.
This is a view from the top. You can see how the top pages go left and the bottom pages go right.
Breanna is supposed to wait another week before she takes her studs out, but she has been so good at cleaning her ears twice a day and has had no trouble with infections so this morning she decided to try some dangly earings on. Aren't they pretty?
She's wearing the new t-shirt she bought herself at Old Navy.

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