Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Of lasagne and that double pager I promised

So I guess I'll be eating lasagne leftovers for the next few lunches. Rick saw me getting ready to cook dinner this evening and noticed the spinach thawing on the counter. "You're not putting spinach in our lasagne are you?" he asked. I always mix spinach in with the middle cottage cheese layer. "Fine! I'll just put it in half the lasagne and you can eat from the other 'spinach free zone' half," I told him...
Dinner's cooked and I'm dishing up and all of a sudden spinach is a big deal to EVERYONE. So half the lasagne is gone and the other half, with the 'green boogers' in the middle, is now in the fridge ready for me to take for work lunches.

I did get a double page layout done. I used the Becky Higgins sketch from this months CK. What a great way to use all the little 2" x 3" photos Breanna and I had developed. I did this one for my LSS, Unforgettable Memories.

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