Monday, 5 January 2009

We are 'wanna be' Athletes

Last year we started cycling to town in September, right before winter set in. This year we are going to start cycling to town in the Spring as soon as it warms up to a pleasant +10 first thing in the morning.
It's hard to imagine it ever being that warm outside when you're in the middle of deep freeze. The average temperature low for the past 25 days is -30. It's -27 right now, but feels like -41 with the windchill.
Poor Tikanii is going stir crazy being stuck in the house. And I'm getting tired of picking dog hair out of my cereal in the morning.

And in other Athletic news... I bought myself a second hand snowboard. Watch for me on the ski hill, zooming past my boys ~ I just hope I'm ON the board and not under it.


Gwen said...

Are those temps C or F? Wow, either way, that's COLD!

Have fun on that snowboard. I hope you're ON it too!

Unforgettable Scrapper said...

Oh how right you are. Can't believe it was that warm only a few months ago...Hope you're keeping warm!