Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Christmas layout.

These are actually photos from last Christmas(2007).
I thought everyone was in bed when I heard some noise coming from the living room. Thinking one of the boys had snuck out of bed to get some extra computer time, I tip-toed out and surprised Daniel and Breanna making up stockings for Rick and I. The two of the them had decided that Santa wasn't just for kids. They were taking all the smallest presents; that would fit in the stockings, from under the tree and putting together a surprise for us big people.
Duncan snoozed through it all.

I tried another Rachel Ray recipe this evening. I had some Basa fillets defrosted and wanted to try something different so I searched Rachel Ray's site and found this one.
I've tried fish stew before but found the fish always fell apart and got mushy on me. In this recipe the fish is baked in the oven and then added to the stew just before serving. Brilliant! For my croutons I used a whole grain baguette, drizzled on the olive oil and sprinkled with Epicure Spices 'herb & garlic' mix. Very yummy. Another quick, easy dish that my picky, "I don't like fish", kids will eat.

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