Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Another challenge

I don't think I explained the Scrap Map challenge I'm doing over at
We are travelling across the country working on challenges for each province and also for a couple States (we have members in the USA).
Nunavit was the first challenge. That was the Christmas layout of Duncan wearing the stockings. Everything was supposed to be square; no curves, swirls... and we had to use 4 different patterned papers.
Then came NWT. One large photo with gold and bling on the layout to portray their natural resources. That was my Fabulous Northern BC layout.
Next was the Yukon. I did my Tem layout for this one. It had to be a white space layout with only one other colour thrown in.
Then BC. My province(I got bonus marks for posting a photo from my home town). And the challenge was to do a layout picking only from 5 colours ~ I picked red and green. We also had to put a crown in there somewhere ~ Duncan is wearing it :)

This evening I worked on the Albertan challenge. We had to use photos from a celebration ~ I chose my boys' 13th birthday just over a year ago because Breanna somehow managed to delete the 14th birthday pictures when she 'borrowed' my camera chip to use in her new video camera. As well as the themed photos we had to use BRIGHT colours and lots of bling. Here it is...

The yellow streamer and confetti is a 12" Revolution die cut a friend gave me for looking after her place over Xmas. Totally unexpected which made it all the more exciting. I couldn't wait to try it out.

On to the Saskatchewan challenge...

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