Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Happy Birthday, Tanis

I meant to phone, Tan, but just looked at the clock and it's almost 11pm. I'll try and remember tomorrow evening. Hope you had a great birthday. And got spoiled... Your gift is still sitting on my sideboard waiting to be dropped in the mail :( I'll try and get it off tomorrow.

Can you spot the difference?

Can you spot the difference in the two photos above? A little extra sparkle and shine in the right hand photo maybe? Breanna loves jewellery. She bought herself a couple pairs of magnetic earings, but the magnetic backs kept falling off. She started asking to get her ears pierced over Christmas so today we went down to the mall and got them done. She's pretty excited. She put her Claires bag on the table beside her and waited for her Daddy to notice when he got home from work.

Now we know what to get her for birthdays and Christmas's from now on. Anything shiney :)

Our little house guest returned home today. Apart from the yappiness he was a perfect little pet. He kept Tikanii company during the last 3 weeks of extremely cold weather when they were both housebound much of the time.

And lastly, I've started a winter project of my own. Since Breanna is interested in taking up yarn crafts I thought I'd join her. I found a free pattern on the Lions Brand website that I thought would be perfect for work and dug through the plastic bins under my stairs for some yarn. It's going quite fast. I just started it Sunday night and I'm already halfway up the back.

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