Thursday, 11 February 2010

I stumbled across another sketch site this past week and thought I'd have a go at the current sketch posted there.  There design team did an awesome job interpreting this sketch.  Go check it out on the Creative Scrappers blog. 

I pulled out some old photos of Daniel in his Jolly Jumper at about 6 months old. Look at that smile.  Doesn't he look like a happy, fun little boy?  He is still a funny guy.  He is always quick with the comebacks.  Last night Rick was teasing me about being old and Daniel came right back with 'and the old lady has an old man to stand beside her'.  Hee hee.  Why didn't I think of that.

In the spirit of our 'use your stash' crop over at Scrap Central I used all older stuff. 

The papers and journal page are Making Memories.  Lots of buttons as per Bonnies challenge. More 7 Gypsies word strips; this time from the Boy sticker sheet. Those little kitties are Prima rub-ons.

I'm thinking I should have saved those kitty rub-ons for a page on Turbo.  Daniel and I dropped him off at the vets this morning.  Tonight when I pick him he'll be a changed cat.  An 'it'. Meowing in a high, squeaky voice... 

When Rick called to make the appointment with the vets he was told Turbo had to be 6 months old.  So I phoned the SPCA to find out how old he was when Breanna picked him out. Either the lady was too lazy to look up the paperwork or she was having a chuckle at my expense, but this is how the conversation went...

Her:  "Have you felt his balls?"
Me: "NO!"
Her: "feel them."
Me: "I can 'see' two round balls in that area."
Her: You need to feel if they're nice and round and have completely dropped. They should be like two marbles."
Me: "I'm sure he's old enough. I'm not going to try feeling him up."
Her: "Okay. You could look on the paperwork we gave you when you took him home. It'll say how old he is on the first page."

When I told my teenage boys about the conversation they thought it was just the most hilarious thing.
Do you think the SPCA lady was putting me on?



Kristine said...

i've got your post linked! thank you !!!

Heather said...

Love your blog! When I saw your post on creative scrappers I had to do a double take - my maiden name is Heather Hopkins (small world) AND I just recently moved from PG to Kelowna! Who knew!?!? LOL Anyway.. take care!

Wanda. said...

Love what you did with the sketch! TFS

Heather said...

Twin boys!!! No way! Stay in touch eh?!? :P