Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Fort St John's High on Ice

I took Breanna and her friend to the High on Ice display this weekend.  There are some stunning ice carvings on display and this year they made a slide for the kids to play on.  What fun!  

There are 5 lanes and they are SLIPPERY!

Look at those smiles.

After playing on the slides we checked out the rest of the ice carvings.
This castle is at the entry to the kids playing area and the slides.

The carvings all have coloured lights behind them.  They look even more beautiful at night.

Check out the detail of the feathers on this carving.

The carvers did a fabulous job and the weatherman has even been accomadating.  Last year, if I recall correctly, the temperatures were above 0* for a few days and all the ice melted.  This year it's been staying around -10 to -15.  Definitely cold enough.  My fingers were frozen after taken a few dozen photos.


Rach H said...

WOW! That looks like so much fun! What a neat place to visit! Great pictures!

Colleen said...

Oh wow! Wish this was close enough for us to see! Looks awesome and you got some great pics!

LG said...

that looks so nice. I wish we have snow here in Manila

Tracy said...

These are beautiful.

That ice slide looks fun.

Bethany Kartchner said...

WOW! That is amazing! Thanks for sharing this! BTW, I love your banner. Did you draw your embellies? They are wonderful!

Bonnie said...

What an awesome place - love all the pics!