Monday, 4 January 2010


I don't know how Daniel could let this 'creepy crawly' crawl all over his face. I know I couldn't!

I called it 'The Travelling Moustach'. The papers, brad and felt stickers are all Basic Grey 'Origins'.

Daniel wrote the journaling. It says:

"It was strange
having a millipede
crawl along my face.
It felt kinda cool
but I would do it more than once
and was happy when
it was taken off.
Not very many people
can say that they've
had a millipede
mustach or unibrow.
Daniel 2009"

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Tracy said...

Ok I saw this on the 2 peas site and wondered if it was a real bug. GROSS. I am getting the shivers. Boys eh?

Nice layout though.

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