Monday, 23 August 2010

A two page layout of our trip to Pillar Lake

We spent two days at Pillar Lake with Papa, Grandma, Uncle Ken and a couple of his care workers.  Pillar Lake is an hour out of Vernon, just past Falklands.  It was a pretty little lake but none of us was swimming in it after spotting a HUGE leach lurking around our dock.
We had 3 cabins between us; ours is shown up in the trees in the far left photo.  The dock was shared by our cabin and Uncle Ken's cabin.  Duncan had talked Papa into renting an aluminum boat and a kayak by the time we got there.  The following day we had to return the aluminum boat so we got a canoe instead. 

The photo second from the right is the naturally formed pillar that the lake is named after.  It pokes up above the tree line in the bushes above the lake. The boys did some fishing, but didn't have any luck.
On the 'field notes' card I've jotted down info on the huge snake we saw beside the path down to the dock.  Green with yellow stripes and a red design. It was bigger than any garter snake I'd ever seen, but after researching it we discovered that was what it was.


Marlene said...

Beautiful layout. Lots of inspiration here!

Heather said...

Love the layout! I have fond memories of Pillar Lake as a kid and it was on our camping short list this year. Looks like you had fun!