Monday, 29 June 2009

Rick is still enjoying hospital food, humbling attire and all the indignities that come along with being poked and prodded by strangers.
This morning he thought they’d forgotten to give him breakfast when he lifted the lid on an empty plate. Then the muffin, which was sticking to the lid, fell and landed with a thunk on his tray. And it was a ‘thunk’. That muffin looked like it was more than a ‘day old’.
I hope he enjoyed the Tim Horton’s coffee I bought him because I think that was all the breakfast he got.
Still no sign of a discharge and it’s now Monday. The nurses are insisting he pee through a sieve so they can catch any stones he might pass. It’s a messy job! He tried to tell the nurse that he thought he may have passed the stone on the ambulance ride. The nurse told him, “Honey, if you’d passed a stone you wouldn’t think, you’d know.” Poor Rick. It sounds like there is more pain to come in the near future.
Breanna’s been busy making him popsicle stick and foam sticker frames with her photo in them all, for his bedside table. I'll have to take pictures of them later (when I find the recharger for my camera).
I made him a card with the scraps from my Basic Grey Wisteria layouts and my favourite heart border punch.

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