Thursday, 25 June 2009

It's summer hols...

...for the kids at least. Duncan is happy 'cause he gets to keep his Xbox for the summer ~ he managed to raise his marks just a tad. Only 1 C, some C+'s and B's. And an A in PE.
Daniel got straight B's. So he's back on the honour roll. Good for him.
Breanna did awesome as always. She had a wonderful teacher this year. She's a little concerned about next year because she was told the French Immersion Grade 6 teacher is 'mean', but Breanna is a good student and gets along with everyone so I'm sure she has nothing to worry about.
Rick's off for a couple weeks as well.
Just me still has to rise and shine every morning and head off in to work.

Rick is taking the boys out camping on Williston Lake tomorrow, through till Monday. I hope the weather holds up for them. We are finally getting the rain our gardens so desperately need. The weekend looks like it might dry up, but will stay cool.
Breanna and I are planning on scrapbooking all weekend. I just picked up 117 photos from the developers. Breanna has had the camera at school for the last couple weeks and has been snapping away during all their fun activities like the karaoke contest she and Takisha organized, bowling, the water park and the Peace Island Park picnic yesterday.
I did a little scrapping last night. Finished another layout for Tan's album. The photos are from 2007 (I had tucked them safely away in my boot cubbyhole so they wouldn't get mushed in our suitcases when we were visiting that summer and then I forgot about them. I was cleaning my car a couple months ago and rediscovered this little hidey hole. The scrapping glue was toast ~ I guess it doesn't do well when frozen and thawed over a couple of winters. I was very glad to find my Kai scissors. I wondered where they had gone! And I found the packet of photos, unharmed by repeated freezing and thawing.)The papers, stickers, chipboard alpha and brads are Basic Grey 'Wisteria'.

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