Monday, 12 April 2010

A Toddler layout

This layout has been on my desk for about 3 weeks.  What with work and Spring Break I haven't had any chance at all to scrapbook.  I took some time yesterday to finish up this page before starting on a new one.

The preprinted tab says 'How he has changed my life' and the journaling is about how we spent a lot of time at McDonalds when he was two.  The Play Place was a good place to work off some of that two year old energy, especially in the winter when it was too cold to play outside. 
We never go there anymore, now that the boys are teens.


Marlene said...

Cute layout!


I still go to Mc'D's my kids are 9 and's a treat!

but not to play with the balls....just to eat! lol

ciao bella
looking for your follow button, but I'm not seein' it!