Tuesday, 6 April 2010

An Easter treasure hunt

What's Easter without an egg hunt?  The chocolate kind is our favourite.  This year instead of making up clever clues in rhyme, because I could never beat my Dad for cleverness, I took closeup photos of spots around the house. 
Clue #1 is sitting in the lap of my persian lambswool teddy.  He's a cute little stuffed bat that didn't get put away with the rest of the Halloween decorations.  I've tucked some eggs under him for the kids to find.

Clue #2 is the thermometer on top of our pantry.  I think this will be an easy one even though I cropped a lot of the screen out of the photo.

Clue #3 is Breannas folk doll that hangs on my hall closet door knob.

#4 ~ The big planter in the entry way.

Clue #5 is the unsorted sock pile on top of the dryer.

We have a hockey table in the rumpus room.   I had one of the little men shooting Easter eggs for #6.

My birch house up high on a shelf is #7.  Too easy!

#8 is a photo box Mum & Dad gave me.  It sits by the computer.

#9 is a glass pear that hangs in my kitchen window.

And lastly #10 is Daddy's boot.  I thouht this would be a tough one, but it wasn't.  The kids instantly recognized the colours and shape.

Next year I'm going to have to crop the photos even more.  The only one that gave the kids any trouble was #1.  They recognized the stuffed bat right away, but couldn't remember where he was. 

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Tania said...

This is a great idea! I'm gonna have to do that next year for Mercedes! I did the clues this year, but it required alot of brain power and I was already dreading next year, so this is a great idea!