Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Gardening and Trellis making in April

The weather has been absolutely amazing for this early in the year. Hot and sunny.  More like summer than spring.  I hope this is a promise for whats to come and not an early summer that's going to be over by May. The weekend was sunny and in the 20s.  Wow! 
Breanna and I started cleaning out our garden beds while the boys and Rick raked the yard everywhere there wasn't still snow.  Tikanii spent the day lying on the remaining snow trying to stay cool.
Sunday afternoon we took Tikanii for a walk and collected some willow.  The pussy willows are just starting to bud.  When we got home this is what I made.

Not a nail or piece of twine anywhere.  I wove the horizontal branches through the uprights and by the time I'd gotten half a dozen in place the trellis felt pretty sturdy. 

I need a couple more long branches to fill it out a bit more.  I've planted half a row of peas with my fingers crossed that it won't freeze once they're above ground.  The weather for the next week is in the high teens.  Maybe it will last to the end of May when we can generally plant our garden without fear of frost.

I also want to pick some thin bendy pieces of willow to decorate the top.  I bent some long uprights over and made arches.  I think it would look neat to have more of a design along the top.

Everything still looks so brown except for the occasional patches of green. That's an oriental poppy coming up in the front of this bed.  I also have half a dozen strawberry plants in this garden. So much work to do.   

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