Tuesday, 30 September 2008

A week in my life...

Ali Edwards is one of my favourite scrapbookers. I like how she incorporates so many of the day to day details of her families life into her scrapbook pagess. I check out her blog every couple of weeks to see what she's working on.
This week she has started a 'Week in the Life' album that will focus on documenting everyday details over the course of seven consecutive days. And she's invited her readers to join her. It sounds like fun to me so I'll be packing my camera around all week documenting. Here's a short glimpse of Ali E's instructions...

"Commit to keeping your camera with you throughout the day. Capture everything. Capture things that may seem silly or dumb. Capture the normal. Capture little things. Capture your environment. Here's a couple questions I ask myself or I keep in mind as I am going about this project: what's my daily routine, where did I go, who did I see, what do I do, what does the inside of my home look like, where do I spend the most time, etc. Capture stuff that you use everyday: your computer, a coffee mug, a favorite pair of shoes, a book, etc. Make sure to take a photo of yourself each day"

It sounds like a fun project. Here's a few of the photos I've taken yesterday and today; starting with our morning routines.

Daniel, like his mother, is most definitely not a morning person. He's up, he's dressed, but he's not moving too fast...

Breanna is chirpy and organized first thing in the morning. She's dressed, hair brushed and making herself a morning cuppa.(green tea)

As I'm sitting beside my lazy son sipping my latte the sun hits my Rowan Tree which is in full fall colours at the moment. Even through the sheers on my living room window it looked beautiful, glowing with the sunrise, so I snapped a few pictures.

And now I'm heading in to work. First stop (if I haven't made myself a latte before leaving home) is Tim Horton's for my caffeine fix. My Tim Horton's coffee fund is kept in the door handle of my drivers door. I clean out my purse every now and then and dump my change there. And when Rick empties his pockets on his night table I scoop it up and run it out to my car before he notices.

Poor Duncan isn't feeling well, but after he enjoyed the weekend so thoroughly his mean old Mum made him go in to school with the proviso that I would pick him up at lunch if he was still feeling really awful. I had my fingers crossed that he would perk up by noon, but I got the call and went to pick him up as promised. Here he is walking out of Bert Bowes Junior Secondary School.

And again when he notices the camera in my hand.

And again when I(the Mum) yell at him and order him to smile nice for the camera.

When I get home I find my family all outside enjoying the balmy fall weather. It's an amazing 24*. The pesky pine beetles attacked our pines this summer and Rick wanted to burn them in their homes before they flew off to greener pastures. He's cut down two of our pine trees so far and this is the third. Breanna and her two friends were helping rake leaves, but had to come pose with the fallen tree. But wait! Who is that I see in the bottom of the photo. It can't be my sickie Duncan. He's supposed to be in bed. His immune system fighting for his health. NOT out playing lumberjack!

Oh, look. Someone gave him a power tool.

The girls finished raking the leaves.

Hmmm. What to do with that lovely big pile?

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