Saturday, 20 September 2008

Biking around town

The boys have been wanting to bike to school since the beginning of the year so last weekend I said we'd give it a try; see if they could make it all the way to town and back. With Dairy Queen as incentive there was no complaining on the way to town. The way home was a different story, but we made it.

So the boys got everything ready the night before school (sort of) and the next morning at 7:30am we hit the road.

Tikanii was eager for a good long run.

Poor Tikanii. He got sent home. Told to "stay", "Get in your bed", "NO!".

Breanna and Takisha were waiting for their bus on the corner. They waved us off.

And we're heading for school and work at cruising speed.

Duncan had to do a little showing off. "Look, Mum, no hands".

And this is the look I get when I do the Mummy thing and tell him to be sensible and safe.

Daniel is all grins. Check out his water bottle holder(the white tube below his right hand). He made it himself with paper and LOTS of packing tape.

So the boys and I biked to school Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Monday and Wednesday I biked with Breanna to Baldonnel School.

There are frost warnings for next week so I'm not sure if we'll be able to do much more biking this year.

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Unforgettable Scrapper said...

Woohoo look at you guys go! I love the fall colors in your pictures Heather! Enjoy the weekend.