Sunday, 24 August 2008

Home grown productions

The next door neighbours have moved. Their house is for sale. $600,000! Prices just keep going up. Wow. Unfortunately with them leaving another of Breanna's girl friends has left the neighbourhood. We're keeping our fingers crossed that someone with kids the same age as ours moves in.

We had them over for dinner the night before they left.

The two girls decided they were going to make the evening special with a karaoke show performed from the porch Rick built on to the kids' fort. The audience was to sit on the back deck and applaud. They made invitations for everyone... even their brothers.
They rehearsed for a couple evenings prior.

Unfortunately the show got rained out. So the rehearsals were all we were subjected to.

Watching Breanna and her friend rehearse bought back memories of some of my own childhood performances.

I think I was about 13 when my siblings, a couple friends, and I put on 'Henry Vlll' for our parents' viewing pleasure. The performance was held in the basement of our home on 110th Ave. Low ceilings, wood panelled walls, and orangy brown carpet set the stage. Our ping pong table put up, with old sleeping bags draped over the legs was our backdrop.

And check out our costumes rigged from our every-day clothes, a halloween costume and some artfully altered pieces of cardboard.
Tanis is wearing my old, winter, school uniform from Murrays Bay Intermediate School(without the green knit tie) and a crown I think she made and decorated herself. I'm guessing she was King Henry. My school friend is wearing the yellow cardigan I crocheted for myself when I was 12 and she has a white slip draped over her head. I still remember her cats eye glasses. She must have been one of the wives. As was I and another friend. Both of us have skirts on our heads.
Kim is wearing a home made clown costume with some kind of hand knitted toque. If he wasn't the court jester he should have been. What a get-up.
I'm not sure how Bernard got out of participating?

I think I feel a scrapbook page coming on.

Here's a couple of CJ pages I've been working on. These are 8x8 pages that are done for the recipients photos on a theme of their choosing. Teresa's theme was 'About Us'.

Carla's theme was 'Travel'

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Unforgettable Scrapper said...

Your pics are so like all my mom's. You inspire me to dig them out and scrapbook! Hope you are enjoying the kids back to school