Saturday, 23 August 2008

Brotherly pranks.

I'm sure I told you about Duncan's "secret admirer" last year. The boys were just starting Grade 8 in a new school (Junior High and almost teenagers) and Duncan started finding raunchy notes in his locker.

Daniel, knowing his Dad would be the biggest tease of all, made sure all of us at home got to hear about those lecherous, handwritten missives.

One of those notes was a D. U. N. C. A. N. note...
D is for darling,
U is for ultimate,
N is for neato... You get the idea.

Another of the notes was straight from a romance novel and went on about his manly chest and muscular arms. A bit much for an almost 13 year old, I thought.

The girl finally came forward and Duncan ate his lunch with her for about a week. Then he broke it off, telling us she was moving too fast for him.

So last night the subject of girls came up... and popularity... and who was the best looking... and eventually Duncan's love notes were mentioned.
Daniel started smirking and then choking on his giggles. He was obviously trying to hold something back. So Rick went to work on him...

and the truth finally came out.

Daniel and two girls the boys have gone to school with since kindergarten, had collaborated to write the raunchy notes. They sneaked them into Duncan's locker and watched for his reaction. They found a girl, who had a bit of a crush on Duncan, to own up to the notes. Apparently she quite liked Duncan and was more than willing to play along if she got the chance to be his girlfriend, if only for a week.

That Daniel can keep a secret. If I ever have any big secrets he will be the one to keep them. We had not a clue that he had set up Dunc for months and months.

Duncan is promising a payback.

I'll let you know when and where.

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