Monday, 5 May 2008


So I took Tikanii to the vet for a checkup a while ago. Daniel and I managed to get him on the scale and i was thrilled to see that he weighed just over 90lbs. When he crashed with his Addisons he was down to 65lbs. So I get worried when he doesn't eat and am always happy to see his empty dinner bowl.
The vet saw him and immediately said, "We need to put this dog on a diet!" She gave us all the statistics; Fat labs live 2 years less then lean ones; Fat labs get arthritis 3 years ahead of healthy weight ones... She wants him to lose 10-15lbs.
So Tikanii is on a diet. And he is sure noticing. Breakfast and dinner times were never a big deal before, but now he is just waiting for that bowl to appear. A couple mornings ago, as we all rushed to climb into the car on our way to school and work, Tikanii raced over and wouldn't let Daniel close the back door. (Daniel feeds him in the mornings.) Tikanii was whining and yipping and letting Daniel know that he was going NOwhere till a breakfast bowl was in front of him. Daniel climbed back out of the car, went and mixed up his breakfast and we drove off as Tikanii contentedly chowed down.

Funny story... Tikanii is not the only one noticing his smaller portions. I was having an afternoon cocktail with Shelley next door and she was commenting on how much hungrier her fat, little dog was lately. Guess Tikanii isn't sharing any more. LOL.
Now there's a dog that could stand to loose some weight!

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