Sunday, 25 May 2008

My Day...

So I stumbled across Shimelle's blog and she has this class going that looks like fun. Once each month, for a year, spend a day taking photos. On the 25th of each month everyone is supposed to take photos throughout the day of the things they do. Not just the big events, but the everyday stuff too.
So this morning I grabbed my freshly charged camera and started snapping. First off was the self portrait. Hopefully by this time next month I will have a new (shorter) haircut. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The first available appointment is July 3rd, but I've got myself on the emergency cancellation list because I really, really, really need to get my hair cut NOW. It is just a long, shaggy mess at the moment.
I like the blurry photos best. They smooth out all the wrinkles. Ha ha.

Breanna thought she'd help me get a good picture...

... just I was taking a big bite of toast and marmalade. I think I'll go with the blurry photo.

Second photo is a view from one of my windows. This photo is supposed to show the changing of the seasons through the year. I took my 'view' photo through the dining room patio doors. It's spring and it's warm so I can have my coffee right there on my deck.

The carnival was in town this weekend and though I tried to keep that info from my kids they found out anyway. And wanted to go :( Darn!
So I stuffed my wallet full of the green stuff and off we went. We were out of milk this morning which meant I hadn't had my morning coffee yet. So a quick detour through the Tim Hortons drive thru was in order.

Breanna met up with some friends and their Dad.
Daniel was on his own 'cause Duncan wasn't interested in going to the carnival.

I left the kids at the fair with Hans (Breanna's friends Dad) and zipped home to make Lattes for my friends. Mary is up from Calgary for the weekend and we wanted to visit.

That's the last of my Starbucks Gingerbread Syrup from Christmas on the table.
After everyone left I headed back to town to get the kids from the carnival. Duncan was on the quad driving along side me in the ditches when the chain came off. Oh no! Back home to get some tools for him. Rick was just heading out to ferry some biologists up the river so he said he'd help Duncan fix the quad and then Duncan could head home while Rick went on the river.
I picked up the kids, stopped by the library to drop off and pick up some reading material (forgot to take pictures) then came home. No sign of Duncan or the quad in the shed where it lives or anywhere in the yard. I phoned Rick and left a message on his cell asking for a call back. "Did Duncan go on the river with him?" Breanna and I started cleaning off her walls and taking down the shelves. We bought the paint for her room yesterday. She wants purple walls with bubblegum pink polka dots on it, to match the Hannah Montanna bedspread Grandma Hopkins bought for her last month. Here's a before photo...

After 30 minutes there's still no sign of Duncan and I'm getting concerned. Breanna and I jump in the car and drive the gravel roads around our area looking for him. An hour later still no sign of Duncan. We come home, phone Rick again, leave another message (he's out of cell range) call a couple of Duncan's friends (noone's seen him) jump back in the car and visit a couple people who might have seen him. Nope. He's vanished. Now I'm really worried. I'm imagining him lying unconcious on the Beaton hills, bleeding, attracting hungry bears ~ there are lots of them around right now.
We stop by home again. Call Rick again. Still no answer. I phone my friend Melody to ask her if her son has any idea where Duncan might have gone. The two of them were quading and exploring farther afield then Duncan is used to, just a week ago. He makes a couple suggestions. Melody says she's coming to help look. I go off in the car again to search a couple new roads. We meet up on the Beaton Hills where Tikanii and I are hiking the trails, calling Duncan's name and listening for distress calls.

It is now 8pm ~ 4 hours after first starting to search for him. Melody's phone rings. It's Breanna. The quad is in the garage. It's been there all along.

Duncan went on the river with his Dad. I'm relieved. And I've wasted my entire afternoon/evening! Oh well. I got some exercise and Tikanii enjoyed the run. Breanna had Kraft dinner made when I arrived home.

Not even ten minutes after walking in the door Rick phones. His truck died on Bear Flats. He needs me to drive out and give him a jump. So off I go again.

His truck runs for about 10 minutes at a time so he needs 3 jumps to make it home. We are all exhausted by the time we arrive. I need a picture of Duncan to round out my day.

He's not in the mood to pose so I get a lot of arm shots and hat shots, but eventually I manage to get his face in one.

I wonder what the 25th of June will bring.

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shimelle said...

goodness -- you certainly had a memorable day!!
can't wait to see what june will bring for you. :)