Friday, 28 March 2008

Rick is downstairs practicing his snorkelling in the pool. Wish the picture had sound effects 'cause there's a lot of spluttering going on.

Costa Rica is wonderful. It's warm. NOT snowing :). Food is delish. Had a steak last night and the meat was so tender. For breakfast this morning we walked down to the beach and sat in an outdoor cafe and ordered beans & rice, scrambled eggs & bacon and a fresh fruit smoothie that tasted likely perfectly ripened papaya. Yum! Then we waded in the ocean. The water is bathtub warm and clean. Can't wait to take surfing lessons! Maybe tomorrow when Rick goes fishing.

The place we're staying at today and tomorrow has wireless internet. No TV or phone or clocks or anything, but wireless internet. LOL. Not sure if the place we're staying at for 7 days starting Saturday has internet, but there are internet cafe's EVERYWHERE so I can stay in touch.
Here's Rick and Dave taking it easy.

We got here last night in the dark and had quite the 2 hour drive to Samara. The roads are very narrow and pot holey. Lots of one lane bridges and people on bikes in the dark with no reflectors or lights. Some of the bridges have huge 'tire sized' holes in them. They just put a barrel over the hole to mark it and you go around. Lots of motor bikes. No one wears helmets. Very few rules except try to miss the other guy. I wore my seatbelt and held on. LOL Dave drives like a native.

We're staying at the Mirador. Our balcony is the top one. It starts just under the sign and goes around the corner to the left. That pink towel is mine hanging on the railing. The balcony leads into a bedroom, living room and kitchen. Rick and I are in the loft.

These are the scarey stairs I have to climb to get to our bedroom. I've already wacked my head a couple times going up and coming down is even scarier.


Ana said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time! I wish we were somewhere warm and tropical!

Unforgettable Scrapper said...

Your pics make me want to go away again, I hope you guys are having a great time!